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File Miva Merchant Diag6 Utility

Filesize: 28.1 kB

File Upgrade Miva Merchant 4.x to 5.x
Upgrade5.mvc is used to export your MIVA Merchant 4 store contents for upgrading to MIVA Merchant 5. Full instructions can be found here:
Filesize: 245 kB

File Older Version Miva Merchant Diag Utiltiy

Filesize: 6.18 kB

File MivaSQL to MySQL converter
This simple script reads your mivadata/merchdb.dat mivasql database definition file (ex: from Miva Merchant) and converts the mivasql database to mysql. The mysql target database should already exist, as well as a mysql user with proper permissions to connect, create, alter, index, insert, delete, etc.
Filesize: 9.78 kB

File MiniBaskShip component
The change to the cmp-mv-shipselect module in PR6 was made to correct a bug where orders were being allowed to proceed through checkout in some cases regardless of the "Require Shipping" setting for a store. In previous versions of the software, only the fact that one or more shipping modules were configured was being checked. The new version verifies that at least one of the modules returns a valid shipping method.
Filesize: 3.44 kB



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